Circular Power - Prana Mandala Vinyasa and Prana Danda Dharma

At the ancient stone circle of Loughcrew

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Honour our body mandala as we return to the extraordinary old stone circle of Loughcrew, Ireland on a private estate for a Prana Flow and Prana Danda almost-solstice immersion.

We will explore both the root and evolution of namaskars in a mandala to come closer to the wisdom of the standing stones mandala of the ancestors whether in Loughcrew or in the circular open air temples of northern India.

Prana Mandala and Prana Danda Vinyasa are a progression of foundation and elemental Prana Flow namaskars practiced in a circular flow using the elemental guide and principles of the mandala for activation and balance.

Enjoy vinyasa as elemental, solar-lunar movement meditation to embody full-spectrum and wholeness of the mandala. Explore Prana Danda Dharma and Vinyasa with a 5-foot staff for inner alignment and mythic joy.

Whether you enjoy these days for retreat or integrate our teaching lab towards Samudra Global School of Living Yoga, we will deepen in the circle our bond to the earth, our ancestors, and the circle of life.

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