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Demetri Velisarius and Shiva Rea - Prana Danda Yoga

Demetri Velisarius, BSW, RYT 200, is the creator of Prana Danda Yoga. A former social worker, bicycle racer, and owner of a boxing gym, he now devotes his life to teaching yoga and meditation. Demetri has traveled on numerous pilgrimages and retreats to India, South America, and Europe, including a 100-day silent Tibetan yoga and meditation retreat with Lama Willa Baker. He continues to practice with masters of yoga, tantra, and Tibetan Dzogchen meditation, and with guidance from his partner, Shiva Rea, and her Prana Flow Vinyasa Yoga system.

Prana Danda Yoga is an empowering and fluid way to center the mind and awaken the energetic spine (inner danda) by engaging with a specially designed 5 foot staff (outer danda). In yogic tradition the danda is perceived as a reflection of the central energy channel, a symbol of present-moment rootedness and serves as the pivotal axis which grounds one’s practice in guardianship; the penetrating quality of alertness that neutralizes all distraction. The danda supports and guides a series of asanas and spiral movements comprised of a specially designed Prana Vira Flow sequence (vinyāsa) that can be done with or without the danda. Integrate the danda with a Prana Vira Flow® vinyasa sequences.

  • Attracts mind/energy to the embodied center which creates deeper, energetic alignment, and primal connection 

  • Heightens one’s presence with an archetype of power, stability and wisdom 

  • Refines coordination by acting as a “rhythmic conductor” entraining and unifying coherent systems of the body 

  • Acts a horizontal and vertical alignment tool supporting the body in asana and meditation 

  • Induces a feeling of interconnectedness, peace and well being

Learn the philosophy and fundamentals of PDY as a embodied ritual practice and as a sacred support for asana, meditation, dance and flow. Must have 200-hour certification to teach and ongoing online participation for certification.

Multi Day Intensive Includes:

  • Core PranaDanda meditation (including Lama Tsoknyi’s Meditation Instruction) and 9 round nadi shodana

  • Entire series of sequences from the Heaven & Earth Family

  • 8 kriyas of Prana Danda Yoga

  • Hands-on assists with danda

  • Synchronized partner practice

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